The moment you feel like your heart is made out of glass and someone drops it in a cold hard tile floor. You scramble around on the floor trying to salvage as many pieces as possible, but feel like your blind and can only feel for the pieces. Not knowing where each one belongs or how to piece any of them together. Knowing you have to in order to stop this stabbing in your chest. To be able to stop the river flowing from your eyes. You try to come up for air, but feel like everyone else has taken it all. Your head feels like a carnival ride ready to fly into outer space.

What do you do from here? Which way do you go? What do you do? And who do you trust?

THIS is heartbreak to me. THIS is what i’m feeling right now as I feel like time is standing still, but I can see life passing before my tear soaked eyes.

I’ll hold onto those teeny shards of glass that was once my heart, and I’ll fit them back together eventually. But for now, they’ll prick and bloody my fingers as I carry them around and remember what it used to feel like to carry this beautiful heart in my chest.

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