Aaahhhh!! My 3.5 year old screeches from the other room. I rush in there to see her running in circles, arms flailing, and that high pitched screech slashing my ear drums open. “What is she freaking out about?” I wonder. As I try to calm her down, she starts back up like an engine that has the belts too tight. I start freaking out and scream for my husband. He races down the hallway towards us ready to beat off some intruders that have tried to kidnap us. He grabs her which intensifies her screeching. After a minute they calm down enough for our daughter to say “mof”. Mof? What? Suddenly something flies past my face and brushes my forehead. What the heck? Now i’m freaking out and screaming with my arms flailing and I now look like my 3.5 year old daughter! Now we’ve got her screeching like tight belts on a car, me hyperventilating running in circles, my husband looking at me like I need that white padded room and SOMETHING flying around our living room. My husband stands up with our daughter wrapped so tight around his chest that I think the only reason he was so calm is because she was holding him so tight he was ready to pass out. He grabs me and puts me under his arm as if he’s protecting me from some grizzly monster that has gotten in our home.

All of a sudden he starts laughing harder than he has in a long time. The laughing so hard he snorted a few times and almost dropped our daughter. (He probably would have if she didn’t have a death grip On him.). Of course, his sudden boisterous laughter started the screeching, arms flailing frenzy all over. Then I hear him say “MOTH” through his laughter. It was a MOTH!! A teeny, harmless ugly butterfly. A MOTH!!

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